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Strength of Guardian

Founded over 150 years ago, Guardian is committed to protecting individuals, business owners, and their employees with a wide range of high-quality insurance, financial products, and services. To do this, we work through a network of over 3,000 talented Financial Representatives in more than 80 agencies across America.

We Put Our Policyholders First

Guardian is a mutual company, which means that our policyholders own the company, not the shareholders. Our mutual structure allows us to act differently than other companies. Rather than focusing on short-term profits, we put our policyholders' interests first, providing them with the best protection at the lowest cost, and distributing the profits we earn in the form of dividends.*

Strength Matters

Guardian has earned high ratings for its financial strength and claims paying ability from the four leading rating agencies. A.M. Best Company A++, Standard and Poor's AA+, Moody's Aa2, and Fitch Ratings AA+. (Ratings are as of December 31, 2014 and are subject to change.) Financial information concerning The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America as of December 31, 2015 on a statutory basis: Admitted Assets = $48.1 Billion; Liabilities = $42.0 Billion (including $37.0 Billion of Reserves); and Surplus = $6.1 Billion.

What You Need to Serve Your Clients

When you work with Guardian, you have access to a comprehensive suite of insurance, investment, and retirement products to help your clients protect their families and prepare for a secure future.


Guardian believes that protection is the foundation of true financial security. Accordingly, we offer a full range of life insurance solutions.

Investment Products

Our full range of investment products and services allows us to help clients with their long-term planning.

Retirement Solutions

Financial Representatives are in an ideal position to help clients assess their retirement needs and start preparing. We support this work with a wide variety of retirement solutions, including Individual Retirement Accounts.